Transportation Risk Insurance

Proven Insurance Coverage Solutions for the Transportation Industry

Transportation Risk InsuranceThe Southeast Insurance Group has its roots in transportation insurance. We insure “assets in motion” from American’s heartland to all corners of the earth. Our expertise encompasses trucking, ocean and air carriers, stationary and moveable risks. Southeast is at the forefront of comphrehensice coverage for transportation risk insurance packages.

“From A to B and in between.”

Our service capabilities include insurance marketing and claims management. Our world-wide network of contacts include marine and aviation claims surveyors, insurance underwriters and brokers. This allows us the ability to resolve our clients’ needs quickly and favorably.

Comprehensive Transportation Risk Insurance Coverage – Including Export & Import Insured Goods

We provide comprehensive insurance programs, which incorporate coverage for owned property and third party liability. We also insure importers, exporters, and forwarders for both owned goods and non-owned valuables that are required to be insured.

Transportation Insurance

We offer maximum insurance coverage within the full spectrum of the transportation industry:

  • Motor Truck Cargo
  • Ocean Cargo
  • Auto Liabilities
  • Ocean Cargo to Cargo
  • Physical Damage to Trucks
  • Artisan
  • Terminal Operator
  • Warehouseman Liability
  • Cranes

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