In a competitive labor market or one where there is a transient and fluctuating labor pool, it may become challenging to hire and retain the personnel your business requires to meet its objectives and goals. These objectives and goals may be associated with order and product fulfillment, service obligations and company growth.

Miami – Dade / South Florida Employee Benefits

Offering qualified insurance programs that meet the thresholds of cost effectiveness, feasibility, suitability and value for businesses in the Miami – Dade and South Florida region requires experience and market / product knowledge. Insurance solutions should be part of an overall Employee Benefits Program for the company.

employee benefits

Keeping your employees healthy, happy and productive is a benefit to the on-going success of your business. The value and benefit to your small or large business is the retention of people and the desirability of your business as a place to work within the community. Your business elevates the potential opportunities to hire better, more experienced and more committed company associates – across the spectrum of job descriptions and skill sets.

Miami – Dade / Fort Lauderdale to Palm Beach have continued to see growth that exceeds other regions of the United States. South Florida is an international hub of commerce for Latin America & South America, Mexico, Caribbean & Bahamas and Europe. The region also experiences the influence of Asian commerce as investing and business trade continues to grow.

Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance plans can be an effective way to retain and attract quality personnel that have interest in the stability of home and family – particularly in times of uncertainty.

Minimizing employee turnover and retaining the best possible employees is a goal desired by all businesses. It allows your business to focus on the most important aspects of providing the products and services to your clients and customers.

Group insurance is traditionally a major component of an Employee Benefits program, package, or policy of a company.

Health – Life – Disability Insurance

The right mix of insurance coverage may make all the difference in employee and management retention. Besides health, life and disability, we can discuss other options and coverages that may be of unique need to the types of associates and team members of your organization. Protection – Security – Value

Stay competitive, keep the best, brightest and most effective, increase productivity, and maintain the best value within the course of day-to-day operations, business objectives and growth.

International Employee Benefits

If your business is located overseas (outside the United States) or you are international in scope, the Southeast Insurance Group is there to work with you to develop the right pieces of an employee benefits program. We offer international coverages and underwriting from A1 rated underwriters.

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