Whether you are a small business working from a garage, neighborhood store front, or a walk-up office or you are a mid-sized or large company working from an industrial park or leased corporate headquarters, you must have the right business insurance protection.

Coverages and Plans Vary – Get the “Right” Insurance

Insurance must meet your current and anticipated needs. The consquences of a inadequate or no insurance coverage can results in a setback of time and costs – business disruption or at worst, complete business failure.

small business insurance

Insurance Considerations – What You May Cover & Protect

Materials, Products & Equipment

  • Materials used for production / raw goods
  • Computer equipment / office equipment
  • Vehicles used for the business
  • Machinery used by the business
  • Loss prevention

Transport and Shipping of Goods and Materials

Physical Premises – Property & Casualty – Liability Insurance

  • Renting
  • Leasing
  • Building Owners
  • Temporary Facilities

Business Security, Methods & Proceedures

  • Cyber attack
  • Errors & Omissions
  • Technology Coverages
  • Employee Theft & Damages

Small Business Insurance Coverage For Miami / Dade, Broward and South Florida Region

Some Questions You May Ask – Do We Need or Have ….

  • Wind Insurance?
  • Flood Insurance?
  • Fire Protection?
  • Protection from Cyber Criminals?
  • Protection from Theft?
  • Protection from Employee Accidents?
  • Protection from Supply-Chain Interruption & Deliveries

… and when is the last time you have reviewed your policies for suitability?

Contact the small business insurance experts of Miami / Dade & Broward. The Southeast Insurance Group understands the local and international business environment for businesses large and small. We can make a difference.

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